LitePaper Project U#1981KAS Drop

LitePaper Project U#1981KAS Drop

A mixture of unique spirits and beautiful art generates project U#1981KAS.
This project features a rare Karuizawa bottle from 1981 aged 33 years and 1 incredible art piece from Indian artist Nanda Khiara. This art piece will be launched as NFTs on the Polygon main net.
The NFT holds the legal rights over the physical bottle and the final NFT art piece. The collection will be minted on the official CoCo B.C. web page This NFT will have a price of 9,000USD, which can be paid on Matics (the native token of Polygon) or on USDC (stablecoin paired with the USD). This NFT represents the bottle and the final NFT art piece, meaning that the bottle and final NFT art will be kept safe by Collection Collective LTD until someone makes the exchange for both items (physical bottle and NFT art piece).
The bottle is safely stored in-bond at LCB Hillington in Glasgow, Scotland. The final NFT art, which is minted by the artist, is safely kept in Collection Collective LDT's “Wallet Vault”

Platform Management

The process for exchanging the collection for the physical bottle and NFT art piece will be held on the official minting site it will be active once the minting is done, and is an on-chain process, meaning that we are not able to modify the way it works or bypass it. We have encountered the possibility that a wallet holding one of the NFTs can be lost, making it impossible to gather the whole collection and make the exchange. So we have created a “The Rules of the game” document that elaborates on how the “Active No Rule” applies and how to use it. This process is also on-chain, meaning that we are not able to modify how it works or bypass it.

Technical Info:

Polygon Blockchain 1.- It lets us make a gamification collection, due to the low fees. 2.- It is an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) so we can if needed in the future adapt or evolve into other EVMs or into the main net. 3.- It has the security we need for the development of our project, as it is backed up by real assets. 4.- It has the market size that we need for us to be successful.
Smart contract audit 1.- Solidity finance ( 2.- Specific audit for this project ( We will use the ERC721 NFT standard.

The Artist

Nanda Khiara uses paint to bring to the fore her passion for life – with an abstract expressionist style. Her paintings are warm and vivid, profound and complex, lyrical and romantic and even dark and mystifying with a deep sense of herself. • British by nationality and Indian by origin, Nanda is a true global citizen with her footprint all over the world – Kuwait, London, Hong Kong, Dubai and now Mumbai. With a Bachelors Degree in Interior Architect & Design from American College London and an MBA from the University of Westminster,Nanda gave up the pinstripe suit to explore a new paradigm – the paradigm of colours. • Working predominantly in acrylics, Nanda creates abstract works, well mostly. Just when you label her genre and style, she surprises you with yet another form. To accentuate her storytelling, she creates unique medium to express her work. Her love for grandeur reflects in the choice of the big canvases she so frequently uses. Akin to her generous and vibrant colours, she conjures bold compositions with subtle style and meaning. Bold, uninhibited, expressive, Nanda Khiara has maintained a unifying thread throughout her diverse body of work – an aura of mysticism and always evolving concepts and realms. Nanda’s series of work reflects the theme of “change” and it depict her influences from living in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Art Exhibitions

2022 15th Nov – 17th December, Group Show Contemporary Art Platform Gallery, Kuwait. 27th Aug – 29th Aug Group Show at The Gallery at Minley Manor, Surrey UK, 17th t June – 23rd June , Group Show in NYC with Spatial, Creative my digital art
2021 30th Jun – July 5th – London Art Biennale 11th - 18th October , Saatchi Gallery, Start Fair 8th – 22nd March, Spirit of Womanhood, World Trade Centre, Mumbai, India. 1st Jan – 1st November – Solo Exhibition for International Women's day “Feminine Identity” at Civic Gallery, London United kingdom
2020 12th October – Jan 7th 2021 – Inhouse exhibition 1st October- 11th October – Launch of Gallery NK & Artists & Writers in Residence 8th March – 31st December – Solo Exhibition for International Women's day “Feminine Identity” at Civic Gallery, London United kingdom 1st Feb – 9th Feb, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2020, Group Installation, Art District, South Mumbai, India
2019 18th Oct – 27th Oct, 12th Florence Biennale, A Legacy Misconstrued, Fortezza De Basso, Florence, Italy Representing, UK, India & Kuwait. 15th Feb – 15th Mar, In Transition, Solo Exhibition, , 079 Galleries , Ahmedabad, India March 2019 - Publication - Three of Nanda’s works were featured in the publication of a coffee table book “ A Step Here, A Mile There”. Launched at Oxford Book Store, on 23 March, 2019, One of its kind Indo-Hungarian Poetry Anthology featuring international poets and artists October 2019 Published Art Pieces in the Florence Biennale Catalogue 2019
2018 17th Dec, Exhibition at the British High Commissioners Polo Day, LA Polo Centre, Gurgoan, India. 1st Dec – 31st January 2019, Art at L1’ at JW Marriott Hotel, Bengaluru, India 1st – 15th Oct, October Hues, Solo ,Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai, India 10th Oct- Art @ A Club with Mumbai Connexions, Art Talk, The A Club, Mumbai, India 3rd Oct - Art @ A Club, American Women’s Club, Art Talk, The A Club, Mumbai, India 5th May - Artfully Healthy, Art & Health Talk, Solo, Omkar, Mumbai, India 3rd Mar - !0th March, Women’s International Day, Group Exhibition, Paris by Kanakia, BKC, India 15th Feb- 18th February, India Art Fest, Solo Exhibition, Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India
2017 8th Jun – 11th Jun, The Art [email protected] Index Exhibition, Aura Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 7th Jun - 10th Jun, Amalgamation 3, Group Exhibition, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 8th Mar, International Women's Day Group Exhibition, Artisera, Bangalore, India 3rd Mar - 5th Mar The Magnificent
2016 15th Nov - 1st Dec - November Hues Art Soiree, Solo Exhibition, RNA Mirage, Mumbai, India 5th Aug, Time Travel Series, Group, Le Dame Gallery, London, UK 18th Jun - 04th Aug - Thought Series, Group Exhibition, Tiny's Gallery, Lelystad, Netherlands 16th Apr- Organised Chaos, Art Auction, Trident, BKC, Mumbai, India 18th Mar - Art for Purpose with Mission Smile, Art Talk, Taj Landsend, Mumbai, India 15th Jan- Dessange Paris, Solo, Melting Pot, Mumbai, India
2015 8th Dec - NSCI, Worli, Art Auction, Charity Auction With Catalyst for Social Action, Mumbai, India 21st Sep - Solo Exhibition, Trident Hotel, Mumbai, India 10th Mar – Group Exhibition, Taj Landsend , Mumbai India
2014 5th – 7th November, Amalgamation II Group Exhibition, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 3rd Mar – 7th Mar - Women’s International Day, Group Exhibition, The Leela , Mumbai, India


2019 Published in the Florence Biennale Catalogue 2019 Catalogue Published for Solo Show @ 079 Galleries Ahmedabad, India,
2019 Three of Nanda’s works were featured in the publication of a coffee table book “ A Step Here, A Mile There”. Launched at Oxford Book Store Delhi, on 23 March, 2019, One of its kind Indo-Hungarian Poetry Anthology featuring international poets and artists
2017 Nanda has written or G2 Magazine articles on art. Covering interviews with Lorenzo Quinn & Akbar Padmasee, special edition on The History of Colour Red, The Colour Blue In Art, The London Art Market & Abstract ‘O Meter.
2015 Six of Nanda’s works were featured in the publication of a coffee table book “Never Alone, Always Lonely”. Launched at the Delhi Poetry Festival in December, 2015. The book was a collection of works from international and national artists and photographers. Six of Nanda’s paintings were featured. Education MBA – University of Westminster UK BA Interior Architect & Design American College in London, UK AA Applied Arts – American College in London, UK

Social media

What is the concept?

The story behind this art piece. Is based on the 233 years history of the whisky bottle. The whisky inside the bottle - inside the oak barrel. The oak barrel would be from the Mizunara tree (this is a rare Japanese wood that comes from the forest of Hokkaido) The trees which were planted over 200 years ago and the drink was barreled for 33 years, and then bottled in 1981.
The artist captures the essence of this beautiful bottle with a piece of art and the journey it has been on. The whisky aged in the barrel is shown on the outside as a frame capturing the essence behind the red-orange colour of this drink. The barrel is on the outside encompassing the bottle and the drink is on the inside of the art piece.
The inside of the art piece starts with a mixture of berries, fruits, herbs drifting in and out of the oaked golden frame showing the complexity of the taste. There are bottlenecks and oak tree branches blending in and out of the framed edges. The golden frame represents elements of the oak branch, the sun, and masculinity on the outside, and the floral herbs, berries, camphor coconut oils, vanilla, and other herbs represent fluidity and femininity on the inside of the art piece.
This art piece makes the experience complete, and the journey slowly unfolds in front of the viewer and the lover of whisky.

The Bottle

Technical info:
Distillery: Karuizawa Country of origin: Japan Vintage: 1981 Bottled in the year: 2014 Aged: 33 years Worldwide: 1 of 595 Cask No.: 136 Cask Type: Ex-Sherry Alcohol: 55.3% Size: 700ml

What to expect from this bottle?:

  • Colour: rich amber.
  • Nose: isn’t Karuizawa the only malt that’s capable of standing heavy oak in such… err, relaxed manner? Because this is very oaky (some old bourbons come to mind), and yet it’s very superb, perfectly mentholated, infused with liquorice wood, wormwood, old-style herbal liqueurs (Bénédictine) and plenty of other roots and herbs, such as ginseng. The sherry’s not very exuberant here, but that may come once water’s been added.
So, with water: love this. Much menthol, anise, camphor, fresh pinewood, almond oil, hessian, old wardrobe… Hey, I even find (half a) mothball.
  • Mouth (neat): it’s amazing that all old Karuizawas are so different from each other. Once again, the oak’s playing first fiddle here, but some dried fruits are singing in the background (S., musical metaphors are very last year, you know.) Plenty of kumquats and bergamots, for example. Or some kind of lemony raisins. Mandarine Impériale, quinine, more ginseng… All this is very huge, concentrated, and yet it’s neither heavy nor too ‘massive’. With water: the most wonderful wood extraction. Herbs and roots ad libitum.
  • Finish: long, herbal, earthy…
  • 93 points /100

The Distillery

By Charles MacLean:
The temperate climate and rich volcanic soils at the foot of Mount Asama attracted wine-makers, including, during the 1920s, a company named Daikoku-budoshu. Although its main business was wine, Daikoku also had a small whisky distillery in Yamanashi Prefecture and began to release a blended whisky named Ocean in 1946 – one of the first Japanese whiskies to be released after the Second World War - first aimed at American G.I.s posted in Japan, but soon fashionable among the local business communities. Ocean sold well; whisky was becoming increasingly popular in Japan at that time, and by the mid-1950s Daikoku decided to convert one of their wineries at Karuizawa into a malt whisky distillery - Japan’s smallest – in order to supply the company’s blends. It opened in 1956. In 1962 Daikoku was absorbed by what became the Mercian Corporation, producers of the popular Chateau Mercian wine, while the distillery continued supplying malt for Japanese blends until 1976, when small amounts were released as single malt, although very little was exported. Japan enjoyed a significant economic boom during the 1970s, but this faltered during the 1980s and collapsed during the 1990s. Japanese whisky distilleries began to close, and this was the fate of Karuizawa in 2001. Five years later the Mercian Corporation was taken over by the giant brewing company, Kirin – founded by Thomas Blake Glover - but they did not bring Karuizawa back to life, and refused to sell it. The distilling license was cancelled and in 2016 the distillery was demolished and the site sold for redevelopment. After several years of negotiation, in 2011 the remaining stock of 364 casks was bought by Number One Drinks Company, based in Norfolk, England. Since then, they have gradually been bottled and sold – many achieving phenomenal prices at auction – until now only two casks are left.


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