LitePaper Project R#1979PE GM Drop

A mixture of unique spirits and beautiful art generates project R#1979PE GM.
This project features a rare Port Ellen bottle from 1979 aged 40 years and 40 incredible art pieces from UK artist Caroline Harroe. These 40 art pieces will be launched as NFTs on the Polygon main net. Each one of them will have legal rights over the physical bottle and the final NFT art piece, which will feature the 40 initial NFTs.
The collection will be minted on the official CoCo B.C. web page Each one will have a price of 150USD, which can be paid on Matics (the native token of Polygon) or on USDC (stablecoin paired with the USD).
Each NFT represents 1/40 of the bottle and the final NFT art piece, meaning that the bottle and final NFT art will be kept safe by Collection Collective LTD until someone collects all the NFTs and makes the exchange for both items (physical bottle and NFT art piece). The bottle is safely stored in-bond at LCB Hillington in Glasgow, Scotland. The final NFT art, which is minted by the artist, is safely kept in Collection Collective LDT's “Wallet Vault”

Platform Management

The process for exchanging the collection for the physical bottle and NFT art piece will be held on the official minting site it will only be active once a collector gathers all the 40 NFTs, and is an on-chain process, meaning that we are not able to modify the way it works or bypass it.
We have encountered the possibility that a wallet holding one of the NFTs can be lost, making it impossible to gather the whole collection and make the exchange. So we have created a “Rules Game document that elaborates on how the “Active No Rule” applies and how to use it. This process is also on-chain, meaning that we are not able to modify how it works or bypass it.

Technical Info

Polygon Blockchain 1.- It lets us make a gamification collection, due to the low fees. 2.- It is an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) so we can if needed in the future adapt or evolve into other EVMs or into the main net. 3.- It has the security we need for the development of our project, as it is backed up by real assets. 4.- It has the market size that we need for us to be successful.
Smart contract audit 1.- Solidity finance ( 2.- Specific audit for this project (
We will use the ERC721 NFT standard.

The Artist

An award-winning serial social entrepreneur Caroline has initiated and established a number of thriving companies in the field of mental health, training and provision.
Herself a qualified and practising psychotherapist for over two decades, CEO of the self started companies and anemployee to over 60 individuals, she’s also an adviser to U.K. government, a mum of 5 an adviser to a number of NFT projects and an artist. It is a combination of these factors that brought her to the Web3 space.
In the last year Caroline’s integration into the Web3 community and the NFT art world has grown and seen her produce several successful and curated exhibitions with a number of partners and some very popular pieces and collections. Currently Artist for CoCo and a 10k collection for Motherland, as well as a speaker at NFT london, mental health manager for Artsies Collective NFT and an artist within her own practice CarolineHarroeArts.
With her work focusing on humanity and humility Caroline says:
“My art reflects my life, pursuing an understanding and expression of the physical & emotional experience of what it is to be a human and what it is to be a woman. My work often takes a look at suffering and survival, darkness and hope, strength and vulnerability.
Essentially I explore in art, that which I experience in life, or that I see others experiencing. This enables me to represent or make sense of the experience, for myself and for others”.
Her contribution to the CoCo Collection
Is inspired by the conceptualisation of light refraction through glass, and the exploration of this as a metaphor for human experience and relationships.
The 40 tiled piece collection combines to produce a stunning visual that depicts a variety of refractions of one focal character. This character, as if looking through a bevelled glass, reveals their changing self and emotions.
We are all many people throughout our life, we grow and develop and change and carry those aspects of ourselves into different situations revealing versions of ourselves in differing environments.
Collecting the pieces of the art, a metaphor for the idea of being whole whilst also being many things.
Bio, picture, and social media links

The Bottle

Technical info:
Distillery: Port Ellen Country of origin: Scotland Islay Vintage: 1979 Bottled in the year: 2019 Aged: 40 years Worldwide: 1 of 407 Cask No.: 7236 Cask Type: Refill Sherry Puncheon Alcohol: 54.7% Size: 700ml

What to expect from this bottle?:

By: WhiskyEuropa2009
Nose: Rich aromas of sun-ripened red apples and peaches, nuts, with delicate sweet spices. Notes of strawberry, vanilla, liquorice, spicy citrus elements and cold smoke.
Taste: Intense, warm, oily, peach, black pepper, baked apple. Traces of fresh orchard enriched by old mature oak. A light herb edge develops with coffee, chocolate and always fruity sweetness.
Finish: Very very very long and sweet with light, fruity peat smoke clouds, heather and cold, extinguished campfire, phenols, ashes with tobacco

The Distillery

By Charles MacLean:
Named after the wife of Islay’s proprietor, Walter Frederick Campbell, a pier was built close to the distillery in 1826 and the village grew up around it, eventually becoming the island’s principal port. The distillery pre-dated the pier by two years, but did not prosper until John Ramsay was appointed manager. Although only eighteen years of age, he was a remarkably able man and soon became the laird’s business partner and the leading farmer on Islay and an M.P.
By the time of his death in 1892 he owned the entire parish of Kildaton and had built numerous houses on the estate. The distillery was continued by his widow and then by their son Captain Iain Ramsay of Kildalton.
Port Ellen Distillery was mothballed in 1983 and closed in 1987. Its famously smoky product almost entirely went into blends, indeed it was only once bottled as a single by its owner – in 1980, to celebrate a visit by Her Majesty the Queen.


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