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Collection Collective Bottle Club is a UK company under the number 14009630. We have a mission: To elevate the practice of collecting luxury spirits by pragmatic use of technology for improving: (i) access to bottles and knowledge, (ii) experiences both in real life and digital, (iii) community sharing, interaction, and belonging, and (iv) significance, where artistic expressions meet craftsmanship. And Vision: To be the ultimate experience for collecting luxury spirits.
To achieve this we will use NFT technology, and work with the Polygon network. We decided this for the following reasons: 1.- It lets us make a gamification collection, due to the low fees. 2.- It is an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) so we can, if needed, in the future adapt or evolve into other EVMs or into the main net. 3.- It has the security we need for the development of our project. 4.- It has the market size that we need for us to be successful.
These NFTs will create a new product, mixing together a curated luxury physical bottle with a unique art piece. This means that every NFT of a single collection, will have legal rights over the bottle and the art piece, that back up the value of the collection. In other words, when someone collects all the pieces of a collection, she/he be able to make the exchange for the physical bottle and the final NFT art.

Target Users

The world of luxury spirits and fine art has been reserved for a few. With this new mixture, of art and unique bottles, we have created a way to lower the entry point, it will be accessible to all of our community, one that will be formed by all kinds of spirit enthusiasts, who will share their interests, knowledge and - of course - a drink. We are negotiating the intricate barriers, of the luxury spirits world and the elegant art world to bring our community some unique products and to make them accessible.

Platform Management

The process for creating each collection will be done on demand. This means that for each bottle we will have an artist who will have to go through a curation process. After this, a unique smart contract will be deployed for each bottle, every smart contract will have a third-party audit.
We have encountered the possibility that a wallet holding one of the NFTs can be lost, making it impossible to gather the whole collection and then make the exchange. So we have created a “Rules Game” document that elaborates on how the “Active No Rule” applies and how to use it. This process is on-chain, meaning that we are not able to modify the way it works or bypass it.

Moat & Value

Capture Long-term, the goal of Collection Collective LTD is to bring a new way for people to collect a range of luxury items mixed with art, and to have a secure way to prove the provenance, so these NFTs can be traded, sold, or actioned in the future. Collection Collective LTD is a business, so we will have a markup value for the bottles, from when we find them to when we put them on sale. All of our bottles are stored in a specialized facility in Glasgow, Scotland.


We will be updating this section as we develop all the bottles of our collection into NFT collections (mixing art and a real bottle)

Near-Term Roadmap

Tastings - Sell specific drams of unique bottles, to gather in a particular place with a connoisseur, who will explain the flavors.
New brand releases - Creation of exclusive bottles that will be for sale only through our platform
Memberships - Release of a limited number of memberships with unique perks.


If there is one important takeaway for readers it should be that Collection Collective LTD is developing new products for people to collect, and enjoy, so that they can learn more about the hard-to-access luxury world. We invite all of you out there to become part of our community!