LitePaper Project R#1990R_LMDW Drop

A mixture of unique spirits and beautiful art generates project R#1990R LMDW.
This project features a rare Rosebank bottle from 1990 aged 16 years and 1 incredible art piece from Mexican artist Karmele Rodríguez. This art piece will be launched as a unique NFT on the Polygon main net.
The NFT holds the legal rights over the physical bottle and the final NFT art piece. The collection will be minted on the official CoCo B.C. web page This NFT will have a price of 1,000USD, which can be paid on Matics (the native token of Polygon) or on USDC (stablecoin paired with the USD). This NFT represents the bottle and the final NFT art piece, meaning that the bottle and final NFT art will be kept safe by Collection Collective LTD until someone makes the exchange for both items (physical bottle and NFT art piece).
The bottle is safely stored in-bond at LCB Hillington in Glasgow, Scotland. The final NFT art, which is minted by the artist, is safely kept in Collection Collective LDT's “Wallet Vault”
Platform Management The process for exchanging the collection for the physical bottle and NFT art piece will be held on the official minting site it will be active once the minting is done, and is an on-chain process, meaning that we are not able to modify the way it works or bypass it.
We have encountered the possibility that a wallet holding one of the NFTs can be lost, making it impossible to gather the whole collection and make the exchange. So we have created a “Rules of the GameThe Rules of the game” document that elaborates on how the “Active No Rule” applies and how to use it. This process is also on-chain, meaning that we are not able to modify how it works or bypass it.

Technical Info

Polygon Blockchain 1.- It lets us make a gamification collection, due to the low fees. 2.- It is an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) so we can if needed in the future adapt or evolve into other EVMs or into the main net. 3.- It has the security we need for the development of our project, as it is backed up by real assets. 4.- It has the market size that we need for us to be successful. Smart contract audit 1.- Solidity finance ( 2.- Specific audit for this project ( We will use the ERC721 NFT standard.

The Artist

Karmele, a Mexican artist, was born in Mexico City in 1988. Restorer of works of art by profession and passionate about painting since she was a child, she has undergone several fine arts and cultural management studies both in Mexico City and Madrid. Her curiosity about life, and her internal questions about human behavior have led her to carry out studies on art therapy with the aim of recognizing and rediscovering herself, and thus, reinventing herself through her painting. She has participated in group exhibitions such as “Ecos Peregrinos” (2018), “Reflejos de Taller” (2019), and “Talla Condesa Exhibition and Painting Contest” (2019), in which she gained second place with her work “Reflejos de Silencio.” In 2015, she started her personal project ‘Eskuila,’ a clothing brand with hand-painted items by the artist, having her first solo exhibition of her artistic work for the brand in 2017, “The color of Eskuila.” This project was a fundamental axis in Karmele’s artistic career and a springboard to redirect her life toward the production of art rather than towards the preservation of cultural heritage. Personal artist links: ​

The Art

Inspiration for this project The design of this NFT was inspired by the essence of Scottish culture; its formalism, its elegance, and its warm and welcoming interiors against its cold and rainy outside landscapes. The principal character in the scene is an elegant french bulldog; a guardian and friend of Malta, who protects it with assertiveness and guts. It is dressed up with typical elements of the Scottish cultural imaginary, as they are; the bow tie with a matching tartan design of the non-existent kilt or Scottish skirt, and the sporran leather bag used on special events. The lit cigarette takes us to an active scene where we are actually right in front of the bulldog, in the same room, at the same time, right now, looking at how he protects the Malt Pedigree Whiskey.
What is the concept? In this NTF artwork, I sought to obtain a warm but serious environment, where the bulldog's trousseau and countenance would allow us to feel and vibrate the unique essence and elegance of the Malt Pedigree. The standing and gaze of the dog remind us of a protective position, where only the chosen and lucky ones as you, will be able to overcome this barrier and have this elixir on their hands to enjoy this unique drink.

The Bottle

Technical info: - Distillery: Rosebank - Country of origin: Scotland - Vintage: 1990 - Bottled in the year: 2006 - Aged: 16 years - Worldwide: 1 of 243 - Bottle no.: 2 - Cask No.: 1513 - Cask Type: Hogshead - Alcohol: 56.70% - Size: 700ml
What to expect from this bottle?: (it is rare to have a review)
Website: Whiskybloke
  • Nose: Lemons in hot summer day, zesty, orange peel, yellow overripe tropical fruits such as mango.
  • Palate: Crispy combo of orange and lemon, white chocolate, Monpensiers fruit drops, mango, papaya, distant smoke!
  • Finish: Long and dry with grapefruit and lemon, beautiful whisky.

The Distillery

By Charles MacLean: Rosebank had the highest reputation of any Lowland malt. “An excellent lightly flavoured whisky,” writes Professor MacDowell. “It is easy to understand why such a whisky was preferred in England to the old and sterner Highland malts before modern blends became available”. By the 1890s there was “an extraordinary demand for the make and many customers had to be content with an allocation of a smaller amount than they had ordered” (Brian Spiller). The late whisky writer, Michael Jackson, described Rosebank’s closure as “a grievous loss”. In 2008 Diageo received a proposal to build a new distillery nearby, using Rosebank’s original stills and other plant, all which remained on site, but later that year copper thieves disguised as bona fide tradesmen broke in and either stole or vandalised the equipment. They were never caught.


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